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FCM Carbon Solutions

A dedicated decarbonization project developer

Supporting the balance between economic growth and environmental stewardship.


Partner with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies to secure the necessary approvals to permanently dispose of captured carbon dioxide emissions

Utilize FCM's unique coalition of industry experts, academic institutions, research organizations and local stakeholders to develop safe, cost-effective disposal sites 



Provide a long-term disposal solution and give peace of mind to project stakeholders through our team's extensive experience in safely managing subsurface operations

About FCM

FCM Carbon Solutions is a dedicated decarbonization project developer. Our mission is simple: to reduce the carbon footprint of industries vital to the future economy in a low-cost, efficient manner while not impacting the ability of our customers to deliver their essential products. We achieve this mission, in partnership with our industrial customers, through the development of localized Geologic Carbon Sequestration (CO2 disposal) projects. 

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