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FCM Carbon Solutions is a dedicated decarbonization project developer. Our mission is simple: to reduce the carbon footprint of industries vital to the future economy in a low-cost, efficient manner while not impacting the ability of our customers to deliver their essential products and services. We achieve this mission, in partnership with our industrial customers, through the development of localized Geologic Carbon Sequestration (CO2 disposal) projects. 

In contrast with Oil & Gas companies ‘pivoting’ to carbon management - FCM does not use CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). We inject the CO2 deep underground, oftentimes far below oil and gas productive formations, with the sole purpose of permanently disposing of it. 

The FCM Core Team is comprised of individuals with decades of experience in subsurface operations and safety, stakeholder engagement, commercial negotiations, and large-scale project development. In addition, FCM has built a coalition of industry-leading organizations from across the CCS value chain to support rapid project development. This approach has enabled FCM to engage in projects ranging from a singular large-scale, regional “disposal hub” to multiple small-scale, localized sites.

CO2 Disposal FAQs

What is Geologic Carbon Sequestration?

Geologic Carbon sequestration (CO2 Disposal) is the process of permanently disposing of harmful carbon emissions in deep underground formations. When we say ‘deep’, we mean far below groundwater, below accessible mineral deposits, and into formations that are not suitable for any other beneficial use.

How Does CO2 Disposal Work?

CO2 Disposal utilizes established processes and technologies that have been safely used for solid waste disposal, water injection, and oil and gas development for decades. The process involves drilling a small number of wells into the deep target formations and then injecting a dense CO2 stream into the saltwater filled rocks, where the CO2 will remain permanently stored.

Is CO2 disposal related to Oil & Gas Development?

It can be, and many companies that are engaged in Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) projects today are oil and gas companies seeking to inject the captured CO2 to produce more oil and gas. This process is termed “Enhanced Oil Recovery” or EOR. FCM does not use CO2 for EOR. FCM injects the CO2 into the subsurface with the sole purpose of permanently storing it.

Is CO2 Disposal Safe?

Yes. Geologic Carbon Sequestration has been heavily studied within the U.S. and throughout the world since the late-1990s, with over 20 operational projects and zero incidents. In the U.S., geologic sequestration operations are heavily monitored through nearby wells, frequent seismic surveys, groundwater & soil sampling, and numerous other methods. The program is permitted and supervised by the EPA in conjunction with State and Local agencies.

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